Why Cutting Collar?


my name is Adam T. Kosciuszko - I've been a hairdresser for 30 years.

I have a hair salon in Copenhagen, Denmark - Incognito Studio Copenhagen 

Approximately 25 years ago I designed and made a hairdresser cutting collar for myself. 

Now I am producing and selling this cutting collar under the name “Incognito Studio Cutting Collar”.

I am planning to reach and sell the product to even more hairdressers, the cutting collar can be used by all hairdressers, both for female and male clients. 

It's simply the best hairdresser cutting collar on the market.

Other models that exist are made of plastic or rubber. There are also one or two models available that are made out of leather - but poor quality leather.

My product is made out of ultimate quality.

The product as such is unique, luxurious and at the same time very sturdy and will keep for many years.

When I present it to other fellow hairdressers and they have the possibility to actually feel the product, they are immediately convinced about the high quality and a lot of them make the decision to buy the product.