History of Incognito Studio cutting Collar

Incognito Studio Cutting Collar was designed by Adam T. Kosciuszko, the president and founder of Incognito Studio Copenhagen. As a professional hairdresser with over 30 years’ experience, Adam has worked with myriads of equipment and cosmetics while working hairstyles. One thing has been in consistent need during hairdo sessions – that is Cutting Collar.

Early in his career, Adam was unsatisfied with the cutting collar product on sale in the market. None of them captures the essence of quality and beauty that the industry portrays.  The drive for aesthetic beauty, quality and durability compelled him to design a personal cutting collar 25 years ago. Through the years, the design has been perfected; finally, a cutting collar has emerged that is unprecedented in quality and style. We have consistently used this cutting collar in the day to day operations of Incognito Studio, Copenhagen. We refer to it as Incognito Studio Cutting Collar.

For the first time ever, we are making the Incognito Studio Cutting Collar available to other hairdressers. With the trio of qualities of beauty, durability and comfort; this unisex piece of beauty is the best cutting collar in the industry.