I think that most of us have tried to work using a hairdresser cape and the result was that both customer and his/her clothes got wet or also with towel placed on the customer’s shoulders which of course is somewhat troublesome.

So I started using hair cutting collars.

However those for hair dyeing made of plastic or rubber were either electrostatic or difficult to work with because the comb damped down when it came to contact with the rubber surface.

The model made of leather smelled when it was wet during hair cutting and the leather was stiff and uncomfortable in contact with the neck.

For many years I have searched for the perfect hair cutting collar. Eventually I made my own.

After testing different types of leather, experimenting with design, folded edge and the different types of fillings to achieve the optimum harmony, functionality, weight and the stability of the collar on the customer’s shoulders, the Incognito Studio Cutting Collar was born in spring 1990.

It has been a real pleasure to work with it and what more, I also got orders from colleagues who saw my hair cutting collar and wanted to have one.

It has developed into a small stable production.

Design and quality are as good as before and I hope that Incognito Hair Cutting Collar will delight the hairdressers who want to give their customers the very best treatment.