Quality of the collar and the way it can be used

Incognito Studio Cutting Collar is widely regarded as the best cutting collar available in the industry. This is keenly connected with its quality and design style. The concept of the design by Industry Veteran, Adam T. Kosciuszko is based on functionality, durability and aesthetics.   For this reason, the cutting collar is made from carefully selected premium quality, all natural leather, soft touch and skin friendly. It is waterproof and filled with hydro and heat/cold treated quartz sand which ensures firm positioning and comfort.

Incognito Studio Cutting Collar is an indispensable arsenal in the toolkits of hairdressers. it is applicable for male and female haircuts as well as all types of hairstyling. It enhances precision by providing a smooth and even surface to glide while working on hair. Moreover, it protects the skin, capes, gowns and clothes from snips and other cosmetics used during hair styling. It is lightweight and exudes the elegance of perfect design.